July 7, 2019

San Diego Getaway!

I recently visited San Diego, California, again, but this time it was going to be a girls only trip!

After other plans fell through for both my friend, Ness and I, we decided to meet up mid-week for morning mimosas, and within seconds a quick invite of, “Wanna go to San Diego this weekend?” Followed by a  “yes,” from myself had us booking a hotel and embarking on our next adventure, and first ever local road trip, together. The stars aligned just right, everything was ready to go, and Friday morning we took off to SD! 

We visited awesome beaches, trekked Torrey Pines hiking trails, munched on crispy bacon and avocado toast, sipped mimosas, gorged on juicy burgers and hit up the notorious Gas Lamp District for some dancing—something neither one of us had done in years! We had a blast, and filled much of the space between with discussions over life, relationships,  singing and major giggles. 

Windansea Beach, San Diego 

Black’s Beach, San Diego 

Torrey Pines State Park 

GasLamp District, San Diego, California 

La Jolla Cove

Brockton Villa Restaurant

The weekend was just what we both needed,  an affair to remember! Finding good people that care about your soul in a world full of shallow living can seem so few and far between, but when you find a genuine heart, whether a friend or romantic partner, hold onto them! It just might make you see the world a little differently, and will definitely make your life richer and worth the ride!

July 1, 2019

Newport Beach - Fun in the Sun

The weather is finally warming up in California, and what better way to enjoy it then at the Beach! 

If you live in Southern California, or plan on visiting soon, check out Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Dana Point and Balboa Island. Many spots to surf, sun bathe (safely of course, with SPF 30+); build sand castles, and explore marine life. 

Here’s a fun day trip spent with my friend Alex, out in Newport Beach, California. 

Bike rentals are everywhere around Main Street in Newport Beach, and the board walk is a few miles, making it perfect for a little cruise. 

Hope you visit soon! :)