August 26, 2014

Happy National Dog Day!

Well, well, well, look what day it is! It's National Dog Day, which means it's only acceptable that we should honor the pups of the world.

Raise a paw in gratitude for the countless of sweethearts running a muck around your house, missing the wee wee pad unbeknownst to them, and telling off the mailman in their most ferocious bark, ever.

  Yes, it's a day of thankfulness, but also a day to remember all those dogs who have worked in armed forces, service dogs who visit local hospitals, the sweet dogs waiting at the shelter for you to come adopt, and the poor babies who died in the  hands of poor soul humans who cannot be excused. To all those dogs and to my own, you are thought of every day, and I am so glad you are walking the earth with me. It makes living through the crummy days that much better when I know I have a wagging tail and wet nose to come home to. 

From our little peanuts to yours- have a pawesome day! 
Lulu, Bella, cousins Nayelly and Cookie