June 3, 2014

Drab to Fab

This past weekend I explored the beauty world. Watched countless YouTube videos of my girl Kandee Johnson (kandeej.com); studied her tips for how to create the perfect winged eyeliner, how to define your brows and why you should, and how to create an everyday makeup look. I'll tell ya, this girl has so much talent, so much enthusiasm, and so much love for people, that her heart shines through her teaching, and it's downright infectious. You can't help but feel positive after watching Kandee. And guys, it doesn't hurt that she's drop dead gorgeous.

Her easy peasy looks inspired me to pick up a new shade of blush I would never have tried without a pinch of encouragement.

Me with a baby doll pink blush, what? Yes! Layered over a sheer highlighter and my cheeks were transformed from what else, but drab to fab. ;) 
Full of Joy by MAC cosmetics

Ok... Ok... I know what you're thinking: Baby doll cheeks were so 2001, but let me just say, the softness of this hue combined with the highlighter pulls the look together for a subtle sheen instead of girl allergic to strawberries. You'll love it! 

The next thing I picked up was a nude lipstick. I've never been a nude lip girl. In fact, if I do a nude anything I opt for a sheer pink, or even wear clear Chapstick so my natural pink lip skin color comes through. What Kandee did however, was line her lips with a pink liner of your choice and fill in her lips with a nude lipstick. 

Blankety by MAC cosmetics 
 Let me just tell you, that's as nude as it gets. 

After trying the look myself I must admit I was a little stunned. The nude look isn't for everyone. I layered a soft pink over my Blankety lip color for an ombré effect and was much more pleased. 

Now, after some fun purchases and trying new looks, I enticed a girlfriend of mine to do the same. Born with natural beauty, my friend Yoli is a basics girl, too. Chapstick, a bit of blush and mascara - that's it! I wanted her to be daring. She opted for a sassy lip pencil that turned this calm, ebb and flow girlie into a sensual vixen. Yowzer! 

Quince by Bite Beauty
This high pigmented color went on so smooth and made her lips pop against her gorgeous olive complexion. 

And when asked how a bright shade made her feel? Let's just say she was ready to take on anything or anyone. (oh, la, la..) 

Check out Sephora stores or Sephora.com for Bite Beauty. 

If you have any fun make up tricks or new purchases you'd like to share, I'd love to hear from you.  Comment in the link below. 

Happy Shopping! 

Lisa Love