November 22, 2013

Of Royal Descent...

There's nothing wrong with enjoying a day dream or two... I always believed I was from the South in another life, or perhaps even New Orleans. Born and raised in sunny So. Cal., I always have moments when I talk and a little twain comes out, and I've always enjoyed the ryhthm of fine jazz. And let me just tell you, I've been asked more than once, where I'm originally from? My alter-ego however, deems she's from a Royal family. I adore the color purple and believe in being treated like a lady and having a few grapes fed to me whilst I sit amongst gold infused chairs and have a daily foot massage. Oh well, a girl can dream, right? What's your alter-ego's style? Leave me a comment and let me know...

November 20, 2013

Ring of Fire

Ring Love

Janis Savitt 18k jewelry / SunaharA mid knuckle ring / Topshop rhinestone ring / Banana Republic yellow gold jewelry / Accessorize stackable bracelet / LeiVanKash mid finger ring / Sterling silver ring / Topshop mid finger ring

Dainty, tribal, bows, hearts, double stacked, triple stacked, and all character driven or animal inspired. Rings are the easiest way to dress up bare hands that otherwise look a little dull. Sorry, I skipped the hand cream.
The new trend is midi rings. They look like baby rings for adults. Meant to be worn above your knuckle, they're cute and unique and can be worn with regular rings to play up the whole finger.
 The look reminds me of Hindu jewelry, which is gorgeous and I personally feel the muse for this new trend, and I love it.

Please excuse my messy manicure and zoom in on the rings! ;)

November 19, 2013

Country and Rock & Roll

Country and Rock & Roll

This weekend was the first weekend I had all to myself in quite some time. I had nothing strenuous planned so I was looking forward to it. In the morning I joined my women's Catholic fellowship group and hosted our monthly session for women, with the theme built around gratitude.
 What an amazing witness I had the opportunity of being while several ladies of different backgrounds and age groups shared in life's hardships and how they were still able to find God's light and the silver lining. I'm talking deaths, illness, and failures in careers. True testaments of beauty from ashes, and I was "grateful" to join in all these revelations, including some of my own.
After the fellowship was over, I was reminded by my phone that in 1.5 hours I was going to do something I've wanted to do for weeks now. I got a 75 minute body massage and let me just tell you, I snored, possibly drooled and woke up feeling amazing, and slightly stoned looking. My hair was disheveled, I was cold and slurring my words. WOW, it was that good and so well deserved.
A trip to the local shopping mall was going to be next. I picked up a few shoes, not necessarily needed, but desperately adored after, along with a cute jersey dress from Forever 21, as seen above.
Once home, I unbagged my items and got ready for a dinner date night with E. Our tradition and one I love doing with him. We ate a steak dinner and went to see About Time, starring Rachel Mcadams. (LOVE HER! and so does E, apparently..). The movie was an awesome love story of life and relationships with family; finding the one, and going after what you want. We loved it!
Through my themed weekend of reflection and getting to know yourself a little better, I decided to base today's outfit off of who I am and pair my pieces from that of slightly edgy and sassy to super sweet. ;) linked up with


November 15, 2013

Blush is the New White

Blush is the new white

With cooler temps comes cooler shades of clothing. Trade in your navy blue, olive green and black apparel pieces for a soft pink or pastel in this season's trending color that is sure to have you blushing.

Don't believe me? Just check out all the Fall runways and magazines that will give you further insight into this sweet hue, that is the perfect alternative to the typical winter white.  Just know I warned you, first.

 Unlike the upscale fashion show which packs a poweful punch of color in every drop, you can slowly introduce this feminine shade into your wardrobe by adding smaller items such as a watch, sunglasses or even a belt to dress up a work look or brunch date.

No need to go overboard, especially if you don't absolutely love pink. I, on the other hand adore the cotton candy shade and will be presenting my look soon enough.

Happy Fall Trending Ladies!

Lisa Love

November 14, 2013

Time for a new purse

Time for a new purse

Well, it's a tough day in girl land. I'm in the deep throws of contemplation. Why you ask? I need a new purse. I know! I can just feel your eyes squinting and on the break of tears. How could a girl like me go this long (8 months!) without a new purse? It's true and so despicable. It's really a crime. If I had all the money in the world I would purchase all six of these bags, but since I'm just a party of one with a structured financial system, I need to strategize my next move on the Fashion Gods. I will figure this out if it's the last thing I do. Even if that last thing means going to Marshalls or TJ Maxx in hopes of finding a designer bag at a knock off price. I will prevail!

In a spurt of whimsical joy, I just won a pair of tickets from a local radio station to see this sultry beast.

Yep. It's Le Buble meister.
Check out one of his most recognizable songs below.
Oh, and I'm taking my Mom. She's a pretty big fan so you can only imagine the look on her face when I asked to her to join me. Her mouth dropped and a huge smile spread on her face. "You serious?"
Can't wait! It's a nice gift for Mom and a cool birthday gift for me, a la courtesy of the fab local radio station.


November 11, 2013

Recap Monday (for the Ladies)

What did I do over the weekend, you ask?  
Well, I went to another baby shower, I enjoyed dinner with E, and then the ultimate of ultimates happened.
To sum it up.....
One noun....


I love him, and he loves me, he just doesn't know it yet. :)

Period. The End.

You're welcome
(said in Sadie's voice from the show Awkward)

Lisa Love

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November 8, 2013

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather by ladylisalove featuring a tribal print cardigan

Although Cali has been putting off the blissful chilly weather that normally comes with the holiday months, a girl can dream, or at least prep for what's in store (hopefully!). Whether you're a Hipster (1), Glam Fashionista (2), Jet Setter (3) or a Structured Gypsy (4) the cooler temps and highly fashionable knits will have you showing off your personality in no time.

Shoes, Dogs and Chocolate's Fashion Dictionary:

1. Hipster - This look is for the girl who's got a laid-back outlook on life. She doesn't take things too seriously, least of all herself. She's flexible and easy-going, with a bit of wit that's undeniable and uber attractive.

2. Glam Fashionista - This is the lady who can't live without glitter, sparkles, rhinestones, sequins and shiny beading. She's the ultimate girly girl and although she's got a soft spot for small puppies and kittens she also has an imaginative flair that makes her irresistible. Or maybe it's her coconut passion body spray? Either way, watch her twirl those curls and pucker up those bubble-gum-colored lips, she's ready to whine and dine.

3. Jet Setter - It's time to catch a plain to Miami, or was it Capri? This girl is the ultimate whirl-wind lady and she's got a style to match. Her look is  as easy as it comes but somehow always looks put together. The perfect combination of structured pieces from head-to-toe makes any architect swoon.

4. Structured Gypsy - A modern look pulled from bohemian origin. She's groundly and soulful. She's the kind of girl who knows what it means to appreciate the earth and where you come from, but also loves evolving and moving with the breeze.

Whether you're one of these styles or all of them combined, enjoy the many sweater choices out there and accessorize as you please. You are the blank canvas to your expressionist painting, afterall. Enjoy the journey!

Lisa Love

November 7, 2013

My Fashion Thursday

Tribal Thursday

Forever 21 tribal print top / H&M jersey top, $9.64 / Topshop blue skinny jeans / H&M flat pumps, $48 / Chan Luu stackable bangle / Brass necklace

My fashion style is a bit eclectic. Although I enjoy many different genres of fashion, I am not glued to just one. As a creative writer and artist, I am constantly evolving and  changing my mind, so it's only fair my sense of style does the same.
 Overall, the one thing I know I portray with any outfit is femininity with a don't eff with me, personality. This means I'm a total lady, but I've got an edge.
Hey, I'm Italian and Mexican, I'm one spicy meatball doused in Tapatio! Okay, enough with the stereotype food associations, let's get back to the blog.
E bought me this awesome tribal open cardigan, and I. Am. Obsessed. Hash tag extra obsessed! I paired it with my fave new skinny jeans, a navy tank I picked up from H&M , my version of brown gladiator sandals and adorned the look with silver rhinestone stud earrings, a stack of meaningful bracelets and a silver tribal necklace. TA-DA!
Please excuse my fancy photo op location below and focus in on the sweater. THE SWEATER I SAY! Oh, and if you want it, it's at Forever21
Happy Shopping and Happy Thursday Love Bugs!

November 4, 2013


 Let's celebrate.......................................................ME!!!!!

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to... or dance, or sing, or just go to Disneyland! Yes! It was finally my turn. If any of you remember, about a month ago I took E for a splendid day of his own, but this time, it was all about me. I churro ate my way through most of Frontierland, New Orleans Square (my fave!) and Tomorrowland.

By the way, the rockets are not for the faint, especially after all those churros. I was super excited to travel into outer space until I got a wee-bit dizzy and was ready to call it quits, or in my case, scream like a little girl, which I did. TRUST me.

My official day was yesterday, the 3rd, but since we stayed in a hotel the whole weekend (insert ooh la la..)  we traveled back and forth to the amusement parks on our own time. It was lovely, and surprisingly not as crowded as we thought it would be for a Saturday. In light of another holiday Disneyland addressed  All Souls Day with cool arrangements.

Continuing on our merry way... I adorned my very own birthday button while E joined in the celebration.

The day was completed with a once-around-trip on the Disney railroad train, a great answer to two sets of tired feet.

Although, it wasn't long until I got my second wind and worked my way through Downtown Disney, I shimmied to Sephora for a nice birthday treat.  Seeing as I'm a VIB card holder, I received a free gift just from Sephora, and Benefit Cosmetics. Awesssommmmeeeee! (singing in Opera voice).

I wrapped up the evening having ice cream cake with E and his family, who also gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers and later when I was home snuggled in bed read a passage from my new book, The Confident Woman Devotional by Joyce Meyer. The scripture was John 3:27, "Contentment"...  asking God to "help me to find the place of being content with who I am, and what I have."

It was perfect, and exactly what I needed to be told. After a few decades of living, growing in faith and battling my way through life, I can often feel beat down by stranger's words, those I love and even myself.

I know that being who I am is never without expectations, most of which I put on myself, so this reading helped me slow down a bit and just take a breath. And let me tell you, it was deserved and well received.

Lucky for me yesterday's birthday star continued to shine bright on me today. I walked into my work building to find my office decorated with streamers and beads. Again, remember that New Orleans flair I love so much? Check it out! My coworker adorned my space with mardi gras beads and lots of love.

So now my dear friends, I'm going to give you a gift. It's time for one final wish. Think of one thing you would want to have in this entire world... Have it in mind? Keep it to yourself or the wish won't  come true.
... Ready?


Happy November!! May all your wishes come true.

Lots of Love,

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