August 24, 2019

A Day in Paradise (Malibu, California)

I guess I’m a little more spontaneous then I’ll admit. A 90 minute car ride in Los Angels traffic and I made it to Paradise Cove beach, in Malibu, California. Just a simple day for a simple girl. 

If you’ve never been to Paradise Cove, I will warn you that parking is pricey at $35 (Mon-Friday), close to $50 on the weekends. A local restaurant will validate your parking for four hours with a minimum food/drink tab. 

Also, it’s a rather small beach in comparison to my usual favorite beaches to visit, such as Huntington, Laguna, Dana Point, and La Jolla, which are located in Orange County, California and San Diego. But, like my usual response to things that don’t meet my  expectations, I made the most of it! I noticed a  small, flat surface at the bottom of a cliff that looked like water was only slightly covering the surface, which made my mind start thinking, “There’s something more on the other side.” So in true Lisa fashion, I went past the boundaries that most people stay behind and went trucking through some waves and rocks to climb around a mini cliff to another, more secluded, beach.  I’m inquisitive by nature, and thankfully so, because the private spots are always the best! Enjoy!