August 19, 2019

Super Heroic

Had a nice time at the Hollywood Castle, celebrating the team of Nerf, Footlocker and Super Heroic, a brand centered around kids at play. I don’t know about your childhood, but without aging myself fully, I can honestly testify that electronics weren’t my focus. I was too busy climbing trees, roller blading, riding my bike, swimming, playing tag, and watching friends at the skate park, football field or on the basketball court.

Fast forward to the world of social media, Fortnite and several other avenues of the “operated by batteries-only” lifestyle, the days of walking through your neighborhood and hearing children giggle and play tag or catch, are starting to look like a past time. 

Thankfully, through the creative lens of Super Heroic, they are reintroducing an energy force that is geared around freedom and  enthusiasm to motivate kids to get outside and in tune with an active lifestyle that’s full of adventure! So the only question left, would be, what’s your superpower? 

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your special event, #superheroic, I had a blast! ⚡️